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1. What is your age?*
2. How long have you worked in Hospice?*
3. What is your sex?*
4. How many times have you actually been present at the moment of a patient's death?*
5. How many times have you witnessed a dying patient talk to, interact with or describe hearing or seeing some person, place or thing which you or others present at the time of this experience could not see or hear?*
6. What percentage of all patients who you have helped to care for and who subsequently died do you estimate to have experienced pre-death phenomena like that described in question 5?*
7. How do patients most often describe their experience of a pre-death phenomenon like that described in question 5?*
8. If the patient(s) saw a person, who did they most often describe while experiencing pre-death phenomena?*
9. If the patient(s) saw a place, what kind of place did they most often describe seeing during pre-death phenomena?*
10. How did you most often observe patients to emotionally react to the experiences described in questions 4 and 5?*
11. On average, how long after experiencing pre-death phenomena like that described in question 5 did the patient(s) die?*
12. How long do pre-death phenomena events usually last?*
13. Of those whom you have observed to experience pre-death phenomena, how many separate episodes of pre-death phenomena did each individual patient typically experience before death?*
14. What is the highest level of education you've completed?*
15. What is your faith?*
16. There is no scientific evidence for life after death.*
17. Physical death is the end of life.*
18. The human soul survives and lives on after physical death.*
19. Visions experienced by dying patients are probably hallucinations caused by medication, pain or other causes.*
20. The pre-death visions of dying patients may be a glimpse into the world they will enter after death.*
21. Most people do not experience pre-death phenomena prior to death*
22. Pre-death visions of the dying are always comforting.*
23. What I have witnessed of pre-death phenomena among the dying has changed my opinion of life after death.*

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